How it works:

  1. Post your score
  2. Prove it by posting a photo or video
  3. Users will vote on whether they think your score is legit
  4. We'll show you how you rank (in your city, state, country, in the world, and versus your friends)
  5. Win trophies for the best score in your region or the world
Get started now by posting your score

Posting your score

Post your score by selecting the type of game, the name of the game, and providing your score. You will be prompted to provide evidence after you submit your score.

Get started now by posting your score

Proving your score

So that the other High Score users can tell whether or not your score is legit or not, you will need to submit some type of evidence. A video posted on YouTube is best. The next best thing is a photo.

There should be some way to tell that this is actually your video or photo, and not something you took from someone else. You can do this by mentioning your username in the video, or by including something in the photo that shows who you are (such as your username written on a piece of paper, or your face).

The evidence you provide will be what the rest of the High Score users review before voting on whether or not your score is legit.

Get started now by posting your score

Voting process

High Score's other users will review the evidence you submitted with your score to make their decision on whether or not your score is legit, and will cast their votes based on that.

You can also invite your friends to join High Score to vote on your score.

Right now, you need a minimum of 25 votes before your score will be accepted, and you will need at least 80 percent of those votes to be "Yes". Voting will continue until both of those criteria are met, and your score will not be considered legit until then.

Seeing how you rank

After your score is accepted as legit by High Score's users, your username and score will appear in the High Score regional and worldwide rankings.

You will be able to easily check your rankings (regional and worldwide) at any time from your personal home page, which is where you land after logging into the High Score. Your personal home page will show you a list of all of the games you have posted scores on (and which were accepted as legit), and how you rank in your city, state/province, country, and worldwide.

Your Legit Rating

Your legit rating represents your reputation and credibility on High Score. It is similar to your feedback percentage on eBay.

You will begin to have a legit rating after people start voting on scores that you have posted.

Your legit rating is calculated based on the percentage of Yes versus No votes your scores receive from High Score users during the voting process. To be more specific, High Score will take the total number of "Yes" votes you have received on all scores submitted, and will divide that by the total number of all votes ("Yes" or "No") that you have ever received on your scores.

Users with a low legit rating may encounter limits on their ability to participate and earn user points on High Score.

Because of this, it is important that you do your best to provide credible evidence for the scores that you post. Your reputation is on the line.


High Score awards trophy icons that are displayed on your profile, in your "trophy case".

Trophies are earned if your score is the highest (so far) in your region (or the world), after voting on your score is completed (and at least 80 percent of the votes were in your favor).

National and Worldwide trophies are considered to be major trophies, and holding one is a major honor.

Depending on where you live, you may also qualify for trophies for your city, state, or province.

Special Trophies

There are also special trophies that can be earned under special circumstances. For example, the first user who ever has a score on a specific game accepted through voting will win a "First" trophy for that game. Many of these special trophies can never be "cracked".

Some special trophies can be shared. For example, a trophy representing a certain level of accomplishment, and not being the first or best, can be held by any user who has met that level of accomplishment.

High Score isn't going to tell you how to earn all of the special trophies, but they are out there. You will have to find them yourself.

Trophy Cracking

Once you receive a trophy, no one can ever take it away from you. That trophy can sit in your trophy case as long as you want, to show the world your accomplishment.

However, the prestige of that trophy can be diminished if someone surpasses your accomplishment. That trophy is still real, and it is still yours, but it will lose its luster if someone else beats the record that the trophy represents. This is called "trophy cracking". If the record associated with your trophy is beaten, that trophy will turn grey, and may show other visible signs of being diminished.

You can continue to display that trophy in your trophy case, or you may choose to take it down. Your cracked trophy will still show your record, but it will also show who cracked it.

Likewise, when you are the first to break someone else's record and are awarded a trophy for the accomplishment, their trophy will "crack", and your name will be associated with that event.

There are certain types of special trophies that can never be cracked. For example, the "First" trophy is awarded when you are the first user to have a score accepted for a specific game. That is an accomplishment that no one else can ever achieve for that game, so no one can ever crack that trophy. Likewise, once someone else earns a "First" trophy for a game, you can never earn that specific trophy for that game.

Earning User Points

You will be awarded points for participating on High Score. Right now, the primary activity through which you can earn points is winning trophies and voting on other user's scores.

Top users of the High Score (ranked by User Points) are displayed on the home page for the world to see.

Get started with earning User Points by voting on other user's scores.

Point values for trophies

Worldwide, National, State, City, and First trophies earn points.

Worldwide trophies are worth 1,000 points, plus a bonus of 1,000 extra points for each player beaten.

National trophies are worth 500 points, plus a bonus of 500 extra points for each player in your country that your score has beaten.

State/Province/Regional trophies are worth 100 points, plus a bonus of 100 extra points for each player in your state/province/region that your score has beaten.

City trophies are worth 100 points, plus a bonus of 100 extra points for each player in your city that your score has beaten.

First trophies are always worth 500 points.

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